Bauhuis is your preferred partner for supplying equipment for handling, blasting and coating. With their proven designs, Bauhuis equipment always deliver the output as expected. If required, also a management team of experienced engineers can be made available to get your first production going and your local team trained.

  • Over 40 years experience
  • Worldwide supply
  • Turn-key Solutions

Bauhuis, a private owned company and located in the Netherlands, has all the resources in place for large scale and efficient equipment manufacturing. It employs a crew of experienced technicians to design, manufacture, install and commission pipe coating plants around the world for the last 40 years.

With the opening of the new assembly workshop in 2016 floor spacing available for machine assembly has doubled to 6500m2. Equipped with cranes capable of lifting up to 40 tons and a  height of 9 meter also exceptional large machines can be assembled and in-house tested.

For fabrication of individual (spare) parts a complete equipped machining workshop is available with state of the art CNC machines. With the constant upgrade of its machine park Bauhuis ensures that it stays at the forefront of machining technology.


Bauhuis was founded in 1973 by Mr. Ben Bauhuis. Being a real entrepreneur and having great mechanical engineering skills, Mr. Bauhuis was able to quick expand the company. He got involved in the pipe coating industry by doing maintenance on machines imported from the US used for the coating of pipelines put into the dutch ground in the seventies. Slowly the activities changed from performing maintenance to building pipe coating equipment and finally complete pipe coating plants. Mr. Bauhuis has contributed largely to the development of the impingement concrete weight coating equipment and the internal pipe blasting equipment as nowadays still being produced by Bauhuis. By putting customer requirements always in the first place and taking full responsibility for the proper functioning of the equipment, Bauhuis has been able to build up an extensive client base around the World. In almost 50 years time Bauhuis has grown from a small machine shop to a supplier of a wide range of equipment for handling, blasting and coating.

In-House and Turn-key

The philosophy of Bauhuis is that key know-how of the pipe coating equipment built, should be kept in house. Therefore all engineering preparing the manufacturing of the pipe coating equipment and controls is carried out by Bauhuis personnel. Furthermore supervision on the installation and commissioning is provided together with the pipe coating equipment to assure that the equipment delivers what the customer expects.

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