External pipe coating

Bauhuis supplies external pipe coating equipment as well as turn-key external 3-layer pipe coating plants. Based on customer requirements each external pipe coating plant is tailor made designed and installed. For the various processes used inside a external pipe coating plant Bauhuis can provide all equipment like external pre-wash equipment, external pre-heat equipment, external pipe blasting equipment, end cleaning equipment up to inspection equipment. Complementary all automated pipe handling equipment is present to move the pipes from the incoming rack through the plant to finally the outgoing rack.


  • Pipe sizes between Ø4 and Ø120 inch
  • Pipe lengths from 20 to 80 Ft (6 to 24 meter)
  • Up to 1.000 m2/hour capacity
  • MLPP integration possible

External pipe coating equipment

The 3-layer anti-corrosion coating system consists of external pipe coating equipment like high performance fusion bonded powder epoxy (FBE) followed by an intermediate copolymer or adhesive layer and finally an outer layer of polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP). The complete coating system  provides both anti-corrosion and a tough, durable mechanical protection. Coating application is performed in accordance with all international standards including CAN/CSA-Z245.21, NFA 49710, DIN 30670-30678 & EN 10285.

External pipe coating plants

Based on the required output and available space Bauhuis designs turn-key external pipe coating plants for the 3-layer coating of pipes between 4” and 120” in diameter.
The plant can consist of the following equipment:

  • Pre-wash equipment
  • Pre-heat equipment
  • External pipe blasting equipment
  • Phosphoric acid wash equipment
  • Chromate application equipment
  • Induction heating system
  • FBE powder application equipment
  • Co-polymer/adhesive application equipment (powder or film)
  • PE extruder
  • Quench tunnel
  • End-cleaning equipment (peeling or brushing)
  • Inspection equipment (holiday and laboratory)

The drawing below shows the standard design of a 3-layer external pipe coating plant. Clicking on the pins (dots) will provide detailed pictures of the various pieces of external pipe coating equipment being part of the external pipe coating plant.

Helical conveyor

External blast station

Blow out station

External blast inspection

Acid wash station

Chromate station

Induction heating

PE extruder

PE dryer

Quench cooling tunnel

High volume cooling towers

End cleaning station

Quality control station

FBE application

External pipe blasting equipment

External pipe blasting equipment is a consolidated unit which encloses the external pipe surface during the blast cleaning process. External blast machines have turbine wheels driven by electric motor and are also lined internally with hardened steel to avoid excessive damage and reduce maintenance. The external pipe blasting equipment incorporates a reclaim system cleaning the blast media as it is returned to the storage hopper/s via an elevator and air wash extraction system.

All Pipe Blasting Equipment systems are capable of achieving up to the maximum level of surface cleanliness SIS SA 3 055900, ISO 8501-1, SSPC-SP-5. Production rates are dependent upon rust grades as per ISO 8501-1.
Specifications taken into account when designing the equipment are API 5L 44th Edition, ISO 8501-1, ISO 8502-3, ASTM D 4940.


The costs for pipe coating equipment are relative low compared to the costs for the manpower and coating material costs, spent during the complete lifetime of the pipe coating plant. Therefore reliability and efficiency of the pipe coating plant are of the upmost importance. Bauhuis ensures that the pipe coating plant provided will produce coated pipes not only during the start-up of the pipe coating plant but during its complete lifetime. Many pipe coating plants supplied in the early days of Bauhuis are still successfully in operation and are “living” proof of their long lasting reliability.

We assure that the output in terms of quantity and quality as agreed beforehand can be achieved during the complete lifetime of the pipe coating plant.

Pipe handling equipment

As automated pipe handling is obligatory in most pipe coating plants, Bauhuis offers a wide range of pipe handling equipment. Solid mechanical designs are coupled with sophisticated power & control systems for remote “hands off” movement of pipes through the plant.

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