Pipe handling equipment

Where in the old days pipes were rolled by hand, in the new facilities automated “hands off” pipe handling equipment is present. Bauhuis has an extensive range of proven designs for pipe handling equipment available for all pipe diameter/weight ranges including pipe conveyors (helical and linear), automated transport pipe racks (hample racks & chain conveyors), single pipe lift buggies and multiple pipe indexers etc..

  • Pipe conveyors
  • Pipe transfer buggies
  • Pipe rotation units
  • Hample racks

Pipe conveyors

Helical pipe conveyors

Pipe chain conveyor

Endo pipe conveyor


Pipe transfer buggies

Single pipe lift buggy

Single pipe coating buggy

Multiple pipe indexers


Pipe handling equipment

Depending upon clients premises size and preferences, there are many possibilities with our wide range of pipe handling equipment to offer the best & most cost efficient solution for pipe movement around your facility. Also in double joint plants and around spool bases pipe handling equipment in all sorts can be found for moving pipes between the various workstations.

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