Asphalt Enamel pipe coating

Coal tar and bituminous based enamels have been applied since the 1940’s and 50’s and its advantages/ disadvantages in use are well documented. Although not applied in the same volumes as in previous years, mainly due to environmental concerns, the relative low price of the CTE/BA coatings compared to the for example widely used 3-layer means that these coatings are still being applied occasionally.

  • Pipe sizes between Ø4 and Ø60 inch
  • Pipe length 20 to 80 Ft (6 to 18 meter)
  • Up to 500 m2/hour capacities
  • Environment friendly

Asphalt Enamel pipe coating equipment (CTE/Bituum)

Bauhuis has installed complete facilities for the application of asphalt enamel pipe coating (CTE/Bituum). These pipe coating plants are inclusive of the typical CTE primer & weld seam application stations, main coating systems including bitumen melt equipment (raw material preparation), coating wire & reinforcement wrap (fiberglass & asphalt) application booths, quenching and end cleaning machines. Asphalt enamel pipe coating equipment can consist of:

  • Pre-wash equipment
  • Pre-heat equipment
  • External pipe blasting equipment
  • External pipe priming equipment
  • Weld seam compensation systems
  • Bitumen / Asphalt melt plant
  • Application booth
  • Quenching
  • End-treatment equipment
  • Inspection equipment

Pipe handling equipment

As automated pipe handling is obligatory in most pipe coating plants, Bauhuis offers a wide range of pipe handling equipment. Solid mechanical designs are coupled with sophisticated power & control systems for remote “hands off” movement of pipe through the plant.

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