Field joint pipe coating

For coating the cutback areas of welded pipe, Bauhuis supplies field joint pipe coating equipment for automated pipe blasting as well as pipe coating. Many Bauhuis field joint pipe coating equipment have found their way on pipe laying vessels or Double Joint & Spoolbase plants worldwide.

  • Automated FJ coating frame 4 to 48 inch
  • Automated FJ blast frames 4 to 48 inch
  • On-shore and off-shore

The integrity of the complete pipeline can only be assured when the freshly welded field joint (or girth weld) areas are correctly blast cleaned, pre-heated and coated, meeting the standards as for example per DNV-RP-F102. Bauhuis has designed & manufactured several automated & mechanical types of field joint pipe blasting equipment . These field joint pipe blasting equipment can include a hydraulic driven turbine but also vacuum blast nozzles.
Once pipe end heating and blast cleaning is performed, the field joint pipe coating equipment applies either liquid epoxy or FBE (fusion bonded epoxy) to the blasted area to connect with the factory applied pipe coating or ‘parent coating’. Special considerations are given for offshore field Joint pipe coating equipment, whether horizontal (S-lay) or vertical (J -lay) lay barge types.

Additional pipe handling equipment for moving/ positioning the blast & coating frames with precision onto the pipe are also within our scope of supply.

Pipe handling equipment

As automated pipe handling is obligatory in most pipe coating plants, Bauhuis offers a wide range of pipe handling equipment. Solid mechanical designs are coupled with sophisticated power & control systems for remote “hands off” movement of pipe through the plant.

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