Internal Coating

Internal pipe coating

Bauhuis supplies turn-key internal pipe coating plants for pipes ranging from 4 up to 120″  and with a capacity up to 1000 m2/hour. For the various processes used inside a internal pipe coating plant Bauhuis can provide all equipment like internal pipe washing equipment, internal pipe preheating equipment, internal pipe blasting equipment,  internal pipe painting equipment up to the final internal pipe curing equipment. Complementary all automated pipe handling equipment is present to move the pipes from the incoming rack through the plant to finally the outgoing rack.

  • Pipe sizes between Ø4 and Ø120 inch
  • Pipe Length 20 to 80 Ft (6 to 24 Meter)
  • Up to 1.000 m2/hour capacity
  • All Coating standards applicable

Internal pipe coating equipment

Steel pipes for transport of oil, gas or water are internally coated for flow efficiency or anti-corrosion purposes. Flow efficiency coatings normally have a dry film thickness between 75 and 100 microns whereas anti-corrosion coatings can have a thickness up to 1000 Microns.  Bauhuis offers turn-key solutions for the application of internal coating of pipes between 2 and 140″. Our Internal pipe coating plants contain all internal pipe coating equipment for the various surface treatments like internal degreasing, pre-heating, blasting, blow-out, coating application and finally curing. All pipe handling equipment for transport of the pipes between the various processes, either controlled in manual mode or in fully automated fashion, are included.

Internal pipe coating plant

With over 50 pipe coating plants in operation worldwide, Bauhuis has by far the largest quantity of installed internal pipe coating plants. Especially the internal pipe blasting equipment with the hydraulic powered turbine is one of Bauhuis most prominent designs. It can blast up to 500 m2/ hour pipe surface to a S.A. 2.5 cleanliness level. Bauhuis internal pipe coating plants consist of:

  • Pre-wash equipment with alkaline or acid mixture
  • Pre-heat equipment
  • Internal blasting equipment
  • Blowout equipment
  • Internal pipe coating equipment with paint fume treatment
  • Curing room
  • visual and holiday inspection equipment

The drawing below shows the standard design of an internal pipe coating plant for liquid epoxy. Clicking on the pins (dots) will provide detailed pictures of the various pieces of internal pipe coating equipment being part of the plant.

Alkaline (wash)

Pre heat


Blow out


Paint skid

Pipe endo conveyor line

Curing room

Blasting lance travel carriage with HPU

Finished internal coated pipe

Internal pipe blasting equipment

In order to achieve the required internal coating quality requirements, surface preparation by internal pipe blasting equipment prior to coating is essential. With the hydraulic powered turbine, which is one of Bauhuis most prominent designs, up to 500 m2/ hour can be blast cleaned to a S.A. 2.5/ ISO 8501/1- ISO 8503/2, cleanliness value. For pipes smaller than 12.75” air blast stations can be offered.
To ensure the correct cleaning standards are achieved pipes may require pre-cleaned by alkaline stations and are pre-heated to remove residual moisture upon the pipe surface prior to blast cleaning. As part of the internal blast cleaning equipment, blast media reclaim systems are also supplied, ensuring clean recycled materials are utilized to the maximum. Reclaim systems incorporate dust collectors, reclaim belting systems and elevator/ air wash & blast media storage hoppers.

Cement mortar lining & Internal FBE coating

Apart from the most common liquid epoxy coatings Bauhuis can also supply plants for the application of cement mortar lining (mainly waterlines) and internal FBE (fusion bonded powder epoxy) coatings. Specifications applied when designing the equipment are AWWA C 210,AWWA C 213 AWWA C 205 or client specific.

Pipe handling equipment

As automated pipe handling is obligatory in most pipe coating plants, Bauhuis offers a wide range of pipe handling equipment. Solid mechanical designs are coupled with sophisticated power & control systems for remote “hands off” movement of pipe through the plant.

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